Feel Good About Your Food | Sustainable Agriculture

At Farmway, our mission is simple: provide your family with delicious, locally raised Ontario meats that not only taste great but that you can feel great about. 

Vegetarians and vegans tend to be seen as the most ethical eaters, but today there’s no reason meat enthusiasts can’t be highly conscientious as well.  You have many options: you can know where your food comes from, how animals are raised, how they’re fed, whether they’re able to move around outside and graze naturally, whether anything is added to your meats before they reach your home and more.

Farmway has been doing exactly this for 30 years now, and we’re still going strong.  Way back in the early 1990s, we realized that consumer tastes were changing: while delicious meats were and would always be important, we saw the beginnings of a shift towards greater knowledge of (and comfort with) the food production chain, and the rise of the locally sourced food movement. These, along with families becoming busier than ever and wanting an option for home delivery of meats and groceries, were the inspiration behind our founding.

Still, while our mission is simple, it’s a complex world.  There are a lot more people on the planet compared to three decades ago.  Ontario beef, pork and poultry farmers are under increasing pressure to deliver more food, and faster, while maintaining the exceptional quality and taste we expect – and meeting the aforementioned demand for locally produced meats, from animals raised in a sustainable manner. 

While there’s no single, simple answer to the challenge, we’re certain that sustainable agriculture is an essential part of the solution.  Farmway Foods is a proud advocate for and supporter of sustainable farming practices, including pasture-raised pigs and free running/cage-free chickens and turkey. In addition to giving you, our customers, assurance that your food is ethically and sustainably produced, these practices benefit all the participants in the food supply chain and also contribute to a healthier planet. 

Here are just a few of the sustainable agricultural practices you can expect from Farmway’s producers.

  • Animal welfare: excellent treatment of animals providing the healthiest and most natural life possible, including plenty of room to move around and unrestricted outside access to the greatest degree possible.
  • Growing their own grains: wherever possible, the grains and grasses used to feed the animals originate from the same farm.
  • Waste-free or minimal-waste production: our farmers and butchers maximize the use of the animal.
  • Good soil health: minimizing impacts on soil by eliminating unnecessary tilling and retaining as many nutrients as possible, backed up by monitoring.
  • Smaller, more local business cycles: Ontario beef, pork and poultry farmers are more likely to see shorter animal transport times, and to do business with local butchers (which in turn help to ensure all parts of the animal are used).

When you buy from Farmway, you can be confident you’re buying from – and helping to support our Ontario farm families.  We feel that’s important because sustainability has another dimension – a family one.  Truly sustainable family farms can be passed down to the next generation of farmers, who will by that point have spent many years learning the business.  That business, in turn, becomes a legacy.  To that end, Farmway Foods strongly believes in relationships that produce a fair income for farming families, a fair price for consumers, and a virtuous cycle of profit, reinvestment, and sustainable growth.

If you’re interested in learning more about Farmway, our local Ontario grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork and free-run chicken, contact us today!