Why Choose Us

Eat fresher, healthier foods and support Ontario farmers

At Farmway Foods, we pride ourselves in making grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking easier for families across southern Ontario! We also strongly believe in supporting Ontario’s local farms by providing families with local farmer’s fresh meats. When you choose Farmway Foods, you can save time and money grocery shopping, and feel good about what you eat.

Why Choose Farmway Foods

Buy local, eat local

Shopping at a grocery store can make it hard to support Ontario’s local farms, as grocery stores typically buy from the cheapest suppliers. This hurts Ontario farmers and means you don’t have easy access to the freshest, healthiest foods available. Farmway Foods proudly partners with family-owned local farms for all our meats. When you work with Farmway Foods, you can feel good about supporting Ontario’s farmers and local economy.

Serve your family quality foods

You want to feed your family high-quality meats that are free of added hormones. But your family won’t eat anything that doesn’t taste good! When you work with Farmway Foods, you don’t have to compromise on serving your family high-quality, healthy foods that are also tasty. We only provide our customers with premium quality meats that are free of unnecessary additives and taste amazing. You’ll love every bite, guaranteed.

Make fewer grocery store trips

Nobody likes wasting their valuable free time grocery shopping. You’re busy raising your family, running your household, working hard, and having fun. That’s why Farmway Foods conveniently delivers all the delicious local meats and pantry essentials you need right to your door. When you partner with us for your meat and grocery delivery in Ontario, you’ll save time driving to and walking around the grocery store, and spend more time doing the things you love.

Customize your order

When you visit your local butcher, chances are you’ll be stuck with cuts of meat you don’t want. Or the grocery store might be sold out of your favourite meats. And if you’re considering purchasing half a cow, you can’t pick and choose your preferred cuts. At Farmway Foods, your order is completely customized to suit your family’s food preferences and eating habits. This means you’ll love every meal and never have to compromise.

Waste less food and money

58% of all food in Canada is wasted, which costs each family an average of $1766/year (source). Farmway Foods works to reduce food waste by individually freezing and vacuum-packing our Ontario meats. This allows you to use only the meats you need and leave the rest in your freezer to enjoy later.

Avoid impulse grocery shopping

We’ve all been there: you’re hungry and wandering around the grocery store, not sure what to buy. Suddenly, your cart is filled with foods you don’t need or won’t have time to eat before they expire. In fact, most grocery store layouts are designed to encourage impulse food shopping so you’ll spend more money. Farmway Foods supplies your meats and pantry essentials, so you’ll be less tempted to buy things you don’t need.

Prepare healthy and convenient meals

We live in a fast-paced world, which can make cooking healthy meals a chore. Thankfully, Farmway Foods makes meal planning and cooking easier and more convenient. When you partner with Farmway Foods, you’ll know exactly what meats are in your freezer. All our meats are individually frozen and vacuum-packed, so you can quickly take out what you need and throw it on the grill or in the oven. The animals are also naturally raised and free of added hormones and antibiotics, so you can feel good about feeding your family healthy meats.

Support ethical farming practices

You enjoy eating meat, but don’t want to support factory farming or any unethical farming practices. We feel the same way! At Farmway Foods, our meats are naturally raised on family-owned Ontario farms. The cows are pasture-grazed and our pigs, chickens, and turkeys are free-run. The farmers we work with ensure that the health and wellbeing of the animals are top priorities.

Think Farmway Foods is the right choice for your family?