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We have been with Farmway for going on 9 years now. Dana has been a great consultant, he not only takes our order but makes excellent recommendations and knows their products so well, he makes ordering easy and joyful. We love the quality of the meats, that is the #1 reason to sign up with Farmway in my opinion. Delivery days are easy too, they pack your freezer and will bring your dry goods into your home, put it where you want and inventory it with you. Easiest 5-star review I’ve ever made.

Gary W.

We just signed up for another year with Farmway foods, it amazes me how accommodating everyone is to work around our schedule. Rob came in and was extremely friendly. He walked us through everything and gave us suggestions based on his experience, and vast knowledge of the product. If your have never ordered bulk groceries before or even if you have, Farmway Foods with make the transition easy and painless.

Christopher P.

I am so IMPRESSED with everything so far! From the sales guy, to the guy on the phone, to our two AMAZING delivery guys, ROB & JAMES. It’s a really nice freezer and the meat? It looks soooooo good. The steaks are nicely marbled and those whole chickens are huge! Friendly, reliable service that I highly recommend anyone try. 🙂

Lori G.

This is my second year with Farmway Foods. Sean is very accommodating with setting a time to meet being a single mom working full-time. The food is delivered straight to my home and having a full freezer makes cooking much easier. I not need to spend as much time in the grocery store and can prepare for the week already knowing what food I have in my home.

Tracey S.

My family and I have been customers of Farmway Foods for two years now. The quality and convenience of the food is excellent! We dealt with Rob both times, and we were definitely taken care of. Rob is a very professional, informative and easy going individual who made both of our experiences very pleasant. My family will be a Farmway Foods customer for life.

Christine W.

We have been doing business with Farmway for 6yrs now and we couldn’t be happier! Sean from Farmway comes out to our house and is extremely helpful in helping placing our order. The best part is when it arrives you don’t have to lift a finger, they bring it all in for you! No more hauling your own groceries Farmway does it all! And the food quality is awesome! They use only all Ontario meats so you are also helping a great cause as well!

Amanda P

Randy just left with our new order, and we are very pleased to say how happy we are with Farmway Foods. Randy is a pleasure to work with and knowledgeable about your products. Your meat is delicious, and we will enjoy every bite!


This is our second order with Sean at Farmway and we couldn’t be happier! We love the meat that the program provides (you have to get the bacon wrapped steaks!!), the extra snacks, and household items are a bonus. We’ve saved so much money this past year and can’t wait to save more this year.

Colby M.

Our second year ordering from Farmway! Sean has been great to go through everything with us for our order. Farmway has great value for the dollar and the meat is delicious. We have never had an issue with the ordering, delivery, or maintenance of our orders. We will definitely continue to order from Farmway!

Kandi M.

We have been with Farmway for 9 years. Dana is our sales rep and is always a pleasure to deal with. He answers all questions we have about products and addresses any concerns we have about food allergies and sensitivities. Dana offers great advice to help us make decisions each year during our renewals.

Allen M.

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