What to Expect During Your Farmway Foods Delivery


Congratulations on joining the Farmway family! When you partner with Farmway Foods for your meat and grocery delivery in Ontario, you can feel good about supporting local Ontario farms, saving time and money, and making grocery shopping a lot easier. There are a ton of benefits to be excited about! But as your meat and grocery delivery day approaches, you might be wondering what to expect or if there’s anything you should do to prepare.

Here’s a quick list of what you can expect on your Farmway Foods delivery day:

  1. Our scheduling department will contact you regarding the day and time of your delivery.

  2. The scheduling department will ask where your freezer is, so we know where to place your order. If your order includes a freezer, we’ll ask where you’d like it installed.

  3. The delivery team will unload your new products and bring everything into your home.

  4. Our team will place the items wherever you request, and will go through each item with you to ensure that your delivery is as expected.

  5. The team will pack your freezer. Doubles or triples of the same product will be layer-packed toward the bottom of the freezer, and single products will be packed toward the top. This ensures that you don’t need to dig through your freezer looking for specific products.

  6. Once the delivery is complete, our team will thank you for your time and be on their way!

To Prepare for Your Delivery

  1. Ensure that hallways and stairways are cleared.

  2. Remove any valuables in the delivery path.

  3. If you have a freezer, organize its contents as much as possible.

Are You Ready To Discover the Farmway Difference and Support Local Ontario Farms?

Farmway Foods is proud to make grocery shopping easier for families throughout southern Ontario! Our meat and grocery delivery service ensures that your family always has the top-quality meats and household essentials you need. If you haven’t joined our Farmway family yet and are interested in learning more, contact us today!