Why should I choose Farmway Foods over my local grocery store or butcher?

Our customers shop with us for a variety of reasons: supporting local farmers, getting the healthiest meat available, and the convenience of having everything delivered to your door.

When you choose Farmway Foods, you’re getting local meat sourced from family-owned Ontario farms. The farmers ensure that the animals are free-run, treated humanely, and their health is a top priority. The animals are fed a healthy diet, and cared for by animal nutritionists and veterinarians. They’re also free of added hormones and antibiotics.

By partnering with Farmway Foods, you can feel good about eating local, healthy food and supporting Ontario farmers. Your order is completely customized to include only the meats you want, and nothing you don’t want. Our meats are also individually vacuum-packed to preserve freshness and flavour, and reduce waste. Because our packaging allows you to only take out what you need, you never need to worry about freezer burn or throwing away leftovers. What’s more, we’ll work with your current grocery store budget to provide you with the highest quality meat on the market.

When you buy meat at a grocery store you can’t be 100% sure where that meat came from or the conditions the animals were raised in. Grocery stores often choose the cheapest supplier to make the highest profits, which means their meats may be imported from another area and sourced from factory farms. When you choose Farmway Foods, you’ll always know where your food came from and that the animals were naturally raised on family-owned Ontario farms.

If you choose to shop at a local butcher, you might be stuck with cuts of meat you don’t want. And because their meats aren’t vacuum-packed, you’ll need to use each piece before it expires to avoid waste. This means you’ll have to make multiple visits to the butcher each week, resulting in a lot of wasted time. At Farmway Foods, you only get the cuts of meat you want, so you never have to compromise or pay for products you won’t eat.

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Our meats are sourced from family-owned farms across southern Ontario. We’ve carefully selected our farming partners to ensure that the meats are of premium quality, taste, and texture, and the animals are raised humanely. We’re very proud to support Ontario farmers and help sustain their family-owned businesses. Our food representatives will gladly tell you more about the local farms we work during your appointment. When you choose Farmway Foods, you can feel good about knowing exactly where your food came from – from Ontario farms to your table.

The cattle are raised humanely on local family-owned farms across southern Ontario. The cattle graze on grass for first two years, and are fed a grain and barley diet for the last three months. This specialized diet ensures optimal health and nutrition, while providing a perfectly marbled and juicy finish to the meat. The chickens, turkey, and pork are free-run, which means they’re allowed to roam and not kept in cages their entire lives. The fish are also wild-caught and not sourced from factory farms.

All farm animals are cared for regularly by animal nutritionists and veterinarians, and are naturally raised.
They’re also free of added hormones and antibiotics. Their health and wellbeing are top priorities.

At Farmway Foods, our meats are individually quick frozen (IQF) and individually vacuum-packed. Quick freezing greatly reduces the formation of ice crystals, which preserves the texture, flavour, and nutritional value of the meat. Traditional freezing methods result in large ice crystals, which creates a soggy texture, spoils the flavour and freshness, and decreases the nutritional value when thawed.

Individually vacuum-packed meat also maintains the quality of the meat and prevents freezer burn, dehydration, and reduces exposure to air that can speed spoilage. Our packaging allows you to benefit from higher quality meat, an extended shelf life, and reduced food waste. We make it easy and convenient to eat delicious local meats year-round!

Farmway Foods offers Ontario grass-fed beef, free-run chicken and turkey, pasture-raised pork, and wild-caught fish. You can also add your favourite brand-name pantry items and household essentials to your order for maximum convenience! You can explore our large selection of local meats on our website.

Our orders are customized to your family’s size, eating habits, and current grocery store budget. Your order is built around the amount and type of meat your family prefers. You can choose a variety of meats or focus on your favourites – the choice is yours!

Farmway Foods’ head office is based out of Burlington, Ontario. We offer free delivery of our meat and grocery orders  throughout southern Ontario

Yes, we offer free home delivery to apartments and condos. Since our wholesale bulk orders are based on a years’ worth of products, you will need space for a freezer and the ability to reserve the elevator (if applicable) during our delivery. 

Farmway Foods offers a large selection of quick-frozen and vacuum-packed local Ontario meats delivered straight to your home. We also offer a selection of non-perishable grocery items that can accompany your meat order. Each order is customized to suit your family’s needs and food preferences. Because our orders are completely customized, our prices vary based on what you choose to order, and your family’s size and eating habits. Our emphasis on customization means we don’t offer standard pre-priced packages. However, we’d love to design a customized order for you!

We always work within our customer’s existing grocery store budget to provide you with access to healthy local meat at a price that works for your family. Just contact us to book an appointment with our representatives, and we’ll work with you to build a personalized plan and create a quote.

Don’t worry! If you don’t have room in your freezer or don’t own one, we can supply a free freezer with your order. Just ask our representatives about our freezer promo. We’ll install and neatly stock your new freezer during your delivery, so you don’t need to worry about any heavy lifting. We’ll do all the work for you – just sit back and enjoy your delicious Farmway Foods local Ontario meat order!

For detailed information about “best before”, “expiry date”, and “packaged on” labels, please visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and read their most current recommendations and guidelines. You can also read our blog for more information about “best before” labels.

It’s important to properly defrost your quick-frozen and vacuum-packed Ontario meats to preserve the taste, texture, and ensure they’re safe to eat. For detailed information about the best way to defrost your meats, please read our blog. You can also visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada for the most current recommendations and guidelines.

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