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Prime Cuts, Prime Savings: Rib Eye Steak Bulk Order Deals

Rib eye steaks are often the crown-jewel of the steakhouse menu! Whether you’re preparing dinner for a special occasion or just want to bring a bit of luxury to your workweek, a well-cooked rib eye steak is a beautiful meal.
Free Freezer Offer!*
  • Naturally raised
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • Grass Fed
  • Antibiotic Free

Ingredients: Beef (product of Ontario). AAA-grade. Aged minimum of 45 days.

Each Case Includes: 10 steaks, 12oz each. Our rib eye steaks are individually vacuum-packed.

What Our Customers Say

“We have been with Farmway for going on 9 years now. Randy has been a great consultant, he not only takes our order but makes excellent recommendations and knows their products so well, he makes ordering easy and joyful. We love the quality of the meats, that is the #1 reason to sign up with Farmway in my opinion. Delivery days are easy too, they pack your freezer and will bring your dry goods into your home, put it where you want and inventory it with you. Easiest 5-star review I’ve ever made.”
-Gary W

“We just signed up for another year with Farmway foods, it amazes me how accommodating everyone is to work around our schedule. Rob came in and was extremely friendly. He walked us through everything and gave us suggestions based on his experience, and vast knowledge of the product. If your have never ordered bulk groceries before or even if you have, Farmway Foods with make the transition easy and painless.”
-Christopher P

Exquisite Rib Eye Steaks in Your Yearly Bulk Package

Ontario’s Exquisite Rib Eye Steaks are renowned for their exceptional quality and flavour. These premium cuts of meat are carefully selected and expertly aged to ensure maximum tenderness and juiciness. They are sourced from local Ontario farms, reflecting a commitment to supporting the region’s agricultural community. The steaks are known for their rich marbling, which enhances the taste and texture, making them a favourite choice among steak enthusiasts. When placing a bulk order, customise your selection to match your family’s meat preferences, whether opting for a diverse range or honing in on your favourites. If ribeye steak holds a prime spot on your list, make sure it’s part of your bulk purchase for a delightful and fulfilling culinary adventure.

Ribeye Steak Cooking Instructions

Defrost overnight in the refrigerator. Keep the packaging sealed while defrosting.

To cook on the BBQ: Preheat grill to high, reduce to medium heat prior to cooking. Lightly oil the grill and season the steak, as desired. For cooking times, please see How to BBQ the perfect steak.

To cook in a skillet: Preheat pan over medium heat with small amounts of cooking oil. Season the steak, as desired. For cooking times, please see How to fry the perfect steak.

Internal temperatures: For medium-rare: 63°C (145°F); medium: 71°C (160°F); well-done: 77°C (170°F).

Cooking tips: After cooking, allow the steaks to rest about 3-5 minutes before serving. Verify the desired degree of doneness by using a meat thermometer.


*Ask for details

Free Freezer Offer!
Free Delivery

Nutritional Info

Per 100 grams% Daily Value
Calories 207
Fat 14g19%
  • Saturated 5g
  • Trans 1g
Cholesterol 60mg
Sodium 63mg3%
  • Fibre 0g
  • Sugar 0g
Protein 20g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C6%
Potassium 271mg6%
Calcium 10mg1%
Iron 2mg11%

Frequently Asked Questions

A Ribeye Steak, also known as a rib steak or ribeye, is a highly flavorful and tender cut of beef known for its rich marbling and juicy texture. It is cut from the rib section of the cow and is prized by steak enthusiasts for its exceptional taste.

Our cattle are raised in family-run farms located in Haldimand County, where they are given the utmost care and attention to ensure their well-being and the quality of the beef they produce.

We primarily raise Hereford and Angus cattle breeds, known for their exceptional meat quality, flavour, and consistency.

Absolutely! Rib eye steak is one of the selections available for bulk ordering. You can enjoy the convenience of having premium rib eye steak on hand for all your cooking needs.

If you're not cooking the rib eye steak immediately, thaw it in the fridge overnight while keeping the packaging intact. Farmway Foods offer free freezer along with your order. You can contact us for more information or call us at 1-855-327-6929.
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