Ground Pork

Our ground pork is great for pasta, soup, burgers, and more! It’s a tasty choice that works in a variety of recipes.

Ingredients: Pork, product of Ontario.

Each case includes: 18 packages of ground pork, 1 lb each. Our ground pork is vacuum-packed.

Cooking Instructions

Defrost overnight in the refrigerator. Keep the packaging sealed while defrosting.

To cook in the skillet: Cook ground pork in non-stick skillet over medium-high heat for 3 - 4 minutes, or until it is browned evenly with no pink. Ground pork must reach an internal temperature of 160 °F.

Internal temperature: 71°C (160°F).

Cooking tips: When cooking foods like meatballs and meatloaf, use a meat thermometer to ensure the internal temperature reaches 71°C (160°F).

Quality Guaranteed

Nutritional Info

Per 100 grams

% daily value

Calories 221

Fat 15g


  • Saturated 6g
  • Trans 0g


Cholesterol 65mg

Sodium 67mg


Carbohydrate 0g

  • Fibre 0g
  • Sugars 0g

Protein 19g

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Potassium 302mg


Calcium 9mg


Iron 1mg


Ground Pork Recipes

Photo and recipe courtesy
Photo and recipe courtesy

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