Filet Steak

Filet Steak

Our filet steaks make a decadent meal! Filet steaks are tender beef cuts that are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Ingredients: Beef (product of Ontario). AAA grade. Aged minimum of 45 days.

Each case includes: 20 steaks, 4oz each. Our Ontario steaks are individually vacuum-packed.

Cooking Instructions

Defrost overnight in the refrigerator. Keep the packaging sealed while defrosting.

To cook on the BBQ: Preheat grill to high, reduce to medium heat prior to cooking. Lightly oil the grill and season the steak, as desired. For cooking times, please see How to BBQ the perfect steak.

To cook in a skillet: Preheat pan over medium heat with small amounts of cooking oil. Season the steak, as desired. For cooking times, please see How to fry the perfect steak.

Internal temperatures: For medium-rare: 63°C (145°F); medium: 71°C (160°F); well-done: 77°C (170°F).

Cooking tips:  After cooking, allow the steaks to rest about 3-5 minutes before serving. Verify the desired degree of doneness by using a meat thermometer.

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Filet Steak Recipes

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