Free Freezer Promo

Receive a freezer with your local Ontario meat delivery

We understand that you’re excited about your local Ontario meat order from Farmway Foods – but you might be wondering where to store all your delicious meats! Don’t worry, Farmway Foods is here to help.

If you don’t own a freezer (or don’t have enough room in your current freezer), we’ll gladly supply a free freezer with your order. And if you re-order from Farmway Foods a second year, the freezer is yours to keep.

Whether you choose to take advantage of our freezer promo or use your current empty freezer, our delivery team will pack your freezer for you when they arrive. To keep your freezer neatly organized, doubles or triples of the same product will be layer-packed toward the bottom of the freezer, and single products will be packed toward the top. This ensures that you don’t need to dig through your freezer looking for specific products.

Please note that our meat-only plans do not include our free freezer promo. However, we offer our freezers to our customers at our wholesale cost.

Ontario steaks in white Farmway Foods box

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