Peameal Bacon

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Peameal Bacon

The taste of Toronto!

Originating in Toronto, Ontario, Peameal Bacon is the true ‘Canadian Bacon’.

Lean and tender, Peameal Bacon is a healthier complement to your favourite meal or sandwich as it has a fraction of the fat and saturated fat you’d get from conventional ham or bacon, and is lower in salt as well.

When cooking add a small amount of apple juice, wine or cider in the roasting pan.

DEFROSTING: Defrost overnight in the refrigerator while still in sealed packaging.

INGREDIENTS:  Pork, water, cornmeal, salt, dextrose, sugar, sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.

This item is produced in a facility where allergens are present, such as eggs, milk, soy, wheat, mustard, gluten, oats, and dairy.

GRADE: Product of Ontario

PACK SIZE: 20 x 8 oz case (peameal bacon is sliced and individually vacuum packed in 8oz packages)

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Locally Raised Ontario Pork

Our Ontario pork farmers are committed to quality and sound farming practices. Pigs are fed a balanced diet that, and no added hormones are used in any hog production.

Local, Great Tasting, & Healthy

Support Ontario farmers by buying local Ontario Pork. Not only is it delicious, but it’s nutritious as well! Ontario pork is both low in sodium and trans-fat free, and an excellent source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Today’s Ontario pork averages 31 percent less fat and 10 percent less cholesterol than it did a decade ago. In fact, tenderloin – the leanest cut of pork – has fewer calories per three ounce (75 g) serving than a boneless, skinless chicken breast. Add pork’s uncanny ability to perfectly complement everything from appetizers to entrees, and you’ve just found a staple food that’s incredibly useful, unbelievably adaptable and completely delicious no matter how you serve it.

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After the first year with this company we could no longer go back to grocery store meats because we had gotten used to the high quality of meats offered by Farmway Foods

Melanie and Jonathan Sherbino, Ancaster, ON

Farmway Foods has changed our lives. Having the best quality of meats at our disposal anytime during the year is very important to us.

Stacey Powell, Simcoe, ON

We have been a customer of Farmway Foods for 6 years now. I have nothing but positive things to say about this company! The food is fantastic, convenient and they stand behind their products 100%. I love how they support local farmers.

Stephanie Hurley, Hamilton, ON

I really cannot say enough great things about this company and personally love the steaks and burgers that they offer. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to save time shopping and also those who want to help support local farmers when it comes to their beef/chicken/turkey, etc.

Nick Evans, Rockwood, ON

We have been with this company for 7 years now. The meat (no hormones & from local farmers) is all packaged in convenient sizes so that we only use exactly what we need. The kids LOVE the bacon and we LOVE the chicken.

Lee Creary, Cayuga, ON

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