Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive with regards to Farmway Foods.

If you have a question that’s not listed below, never hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Why choose Farmway over my local grocery store or butcher?2018-07-19T16:39:48-04:00

Our clients choose Farmway for a variety of reasons.

When you shop with us, you know you are getting local meat sourced from farms right here in Ontario. You are supporting local farmers and our Ontario economy. Our plans are fully customizable for all sizes of families, so you are never stuck with cuts you may not want – an option not always available at the butchers.

Our meats are individually vacuum sealed so you don’t waste time repackaging bulk purchases and freezing them yourself. Our convenient free home delivery saves you the time of having to go to the grocery store and avoids the high overhead costs that retail outlets charge.

Farmway provides you with the highest quality products on your current grocery store budget. We pride ourselves in putting our clients’ needs first and have been doing it for over 27 years.

Where do your meats come from?2017-05-06T19:16:29-04:00

Our meats come from over 500 family-run farms located in Southern Ontario. When our Food Consultant visits your home, they will show you detailed letters from all our suppliers explaining where our products come from and how they are raised. We can trace all our meats from conception to table so you can rest assured that you are buying local Ontario products.

How are your cattle raised?2018-06-20T12:45:05-04:00
  • Locally raised on family-run Ontario farms
  • Cattle graze on grass and forages for 2 years
  • Nutritionists monitor diet to ensure a balanced diet
How are your chickens & turkeys raised?2018-06-20T12:46:18-04:00
  • Locally raised on family-run Ontario farms
  • In a cage-free environment with the freedom to move inside and out, like all chickens
  • Raised without the use of hormones, like all chickens in Ontario
How are your products packaged?2017-05-06T19:15:59-04:00

At Farmway our meats are IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) and individually vacuum packed. Traditional freezing slowly freezes the meat creating large ice crystals that result in a soggy texture and loss of nutrients once thawed. Quick freezing greatly reduces the formation of ice crystals and preserves the structure of the meat. The IQF process maintains taste, texture and nutritional value.

The addition of vacuum packing further maintains quality by preventing freezer burn, dehydration and exposure to air that can speed up spoilage. IQF and vacuum sealing extends shelf life and minimizes waste.

The bonus of having individual portions is that you only need to cook up what you need, even if it’s a mix of steak, chicken or pork. No need to cook up an entire tray of meat before it spoils. Farmway makes it easy, convenient and eating naturally raised local meats tastes great!

Do you have a price list?2017-05-06T19:17:17-04:00

Since our meat orders are completely tailored to your individual family’s needs our pricing varies. We work within your current grocery store budget to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality products at the best value. Our professional Food Consultant will go over all the details of your order including pricing during your in-home visit.

What if I don’t have room in my freezer?2017-05-06T19:17:43-04:00

Don’t worry! If you don’t have enough freezer space for your order – we will provide you with a FREE freezer. Our professional delivery staff will deliver your free freezer with your order and pack it for you. Ask us for more details.

With over 27 years in business, what do our customers have to say?

After the first year with this company we could no longer go back to grocery store meats because we had gotten used to the high quality of meats offered by Farmway Foods

Melanie and Jonathan Sherbino, Ancaster, ON

Farmway Foods has changed our lives. Having the best quality of meats at our disposal anytime during the year is very important to us.

Stacey Powell, Simcoe, ON

We have been a customer of Farmway Foods for 6 years now. I have nothing but positive things to say about this company! The food is fantastic, convenient and they stand behind their products 100%. I love how they support local farmers.

Stephanie Hurley, Hamilton, ON

I really cannot say enough great things about this company and personally love the steaks and burgers that they offer. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to save time shopping and also those who want to help support local farmers when it comes to their beef/chicken/turkey, etc.

Nick Evans, Rockwood, ON

We have been with this company for 7 years now. The meat (no hormones & from local farmers) is all packaged in convenient sizes so that we only use exactly what we need. The kids LOVE the bacon and we LOVE the chicken.

Lee Creary, Cayuga, ON

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